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Short profile I am Jules Coutellier , French Student, 15 years old, I am making studies in electronic devices like pc, audio devices, visual devices ...
But i don't very like that so i want try another things. And i love Formula it's my favorite sports i see all champion ships. So i want to try some studies in motorsports as it happens the Formula 1, 2 , 3000 ...
Maybe i can move in europa if i found Apartment, or anythings like that. Priority In France and United Kingdoms and maybe USA.
I have a very good english level. And i speak French. I have already pilot a kart around 10 times and i am good.
Category Student internship
Web manager
Education / Skills I have no diploma except a Middle School Certification.
Industry experience I know a lot of things on the automobile and the motorsport. And particularly on F1.
  Beginner Working knowledge Fluent
English - X -
French - - X
Spanish - - -
German X - -
Italian - - -
Other languages
Location available to work UK

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