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Short profile As a graduate of IESEG School of management Lille-Paris, I have taken a variety of courses preparing me for a career in international business, negotiation and management. Naturally enthusiastic and determined, I have special abilities to analyze, persuade and implement my idea to reach the objectives set to me (Boulanger Multimedia/ increase turnover of 35% at achieve margin objectives on my product line). My multiples internships allowed me to build strong commercial prospection skills, negotiation and customer loyalty, and enable me today to have a good interpersonal skills and a taste for sale (Cabinet Bordeyne-Marchand | Asian Auto Parts). In contact with customers from the earliest days (son of restaurateur), I have soon go through the experience of hard working, selling and management. Whether in academics or professional field, I am self-motivated and dedicated.
Category Buyer
Marketing Manager
Project planner
Sales person
Web manager
Education / Skills - IESEG school of management (Lille-Paris) 2010-2012

Master Degree in international business and negociation (provide in English)
Concentration: negotiation, sales , entrepreneurship and marketing
Final thesis: Impact of Greenwashing on the automotive market.

- Catholique University (Lille) 2007 – 2010

Bachelor Degree of management
Concentration: economics, management and entrepreneurship.
Industry experience - Study Final Thesis

Impact of Greenwashing on the automotive market.

- NIPPON PIECE SERVICE / Import-Export Assistant

July - August 2009 Lille, France
• Cost Killing project management, logistic optimization.
• Customer contact, canvassing, marketing website development.

- ASIAN AUTO PARTS / Auto center Dealer

May - June 2009 Lille, France
• Customer advisor, quote, sale in shop and car dealership.
• Merchandising, logistics.
  Beginner Working knowledge Fluent
English - - X
French - - X
German - X -
Location available to work Any

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